App Store Optimization Infographic – How to Promote Your App

App Store Optimization Infographic – How to Promote Your App

Why should practice ASO?

It’s quite different for users to find out a suitable app. App users may browser in app store for something new or download apps directly from bosom pals’ highest recommendations. However, search in app store appears the most effective traffic source. A study shows that 73% of mobile app installs are from search in App Store. Due to other channels’ poor performance, ASO becomes more and more vital for app visibility which is the reason why we should do app store optimization.

What is ASO for?

  1. Improving keywords coverage: This helps your app discovered in App Store and brings app exposure.
  2. Improving search results rankings of keywords: optimize app download conversions.
  3. Targeting specific users: optimize app users’ activation.
  4. Maintaining app ranking: search ranking is the only option to maintain and promote the current app promotion operation performance.
  5. Improving app weight: every app owns weight which is the key reference to proper ASO.

What are the key factors affecting ASO?

app store optimization factorsWe mentioned how important the ASO is. In the following, we have listed the main factors affecting ASO. Now, go on reading to learn the details.

App icon

App icon is the first chance for you to appeal potential users. App users won’t linger more time on your app if your app fails to make itself clear. The safe bet is choosing a simple and recognizable one. 

App title

Beneath the app icon, app title plays a crucial role to boost app visibility. The app title should be appealing and preferably short including app keywords. Good app title is like the best advertisement slogan.

App keywords 

Unlike Google Play, it’s available for you to fill 100 characters of keywords in Keyword field in App Store. App potential users will find your app when put in relevant keywords in the search bar, so it’s a big decision to make. Every character will cover 5 to 10 keywords at average.


Keyword search installs 

Keyword search installs plays an important role in ASO. The more keyword search installs your app has, the higher ranking it will get, which in return helps you get more organic traffic and installs.

App reviews & ratings

app store optimization - reviews and ratings97% of app potential users will check app reviews before they finally download the app. Besides, app reviews are main reasons for app users to purchase paid functions and service. One thing to mind: once your app gets one-star rating, it needs more than 40 positive reviews or high ratings to make up. You may seek an app review provider for positive reviews and high ratings.

Users activation

The majority of app publishers may focus on users acquisition but seldom draw adequate attention to users activation. It’s essential that user experience of your app is good, but even paramount app will not definitely get equal users activation.

What are the top App Store Optimization tools?

With over 2 million mobile apps in app stores, it’s a challenge for a developer to make the app stand out. The right ASO tools are the shortcut to increase app downloads by boosting app visibility. Whether you want to optimize your keywords or track performance of ASO factors for a competitive edge, we will introduce a list of top ASO tools to make your app easy to find. 

The ASO tools are as follows:

A tool like AppAnnie can definitely guide you with ASO. Headquartered in San Francisco, App Annie offers analytic data for analyzing app store and advertising and comprehensive market data for developers and marketers with decision-making. 

How to assess Your ASO Performance?

app store optimization performanceIt’s essential to assess your ASO performance after you rack your brains to practice ASO. It’s a common mistake to fail to track your ASO performance to pick the best choice. There are some factors for you to assess your ASO properly:

What should the content provider focus?

As a content provider, you must acknowledge your app keywords which matter most for users to find your app and keywords ranking. It’s also vital to have an idea of your competitor’ app keywords and keywords ranking. If you seek ASO agency for cooperation, keep close contact with ASO agency. Adhere to your cooperation strategies: never doubt your ASO agency and maintain enough communication to make your expectation clear.

What is the process of ASO?

There are something you’d better have a clue before you practice ASO: What your app is for? What is the specific group of your app users? Then it’s easy for you to sort out such specific group of app potential users and match them with relevant keywords which may be based on collected adequate data from App Store search suggestion or other relevant tools. Then there is ample evidence to target the most needed keywords to boost your app downloads. 

One thing you need to remember, if you choose competitor’s app title for your app keywords, it may take risk of Apple’s warning. However, if your app keywords do not cover hot words relevant to the brand, there is no need to worry the risk.


As an app developer, it’s never an option but a must to do for boosting your app visibility in the competitive global ocean. Today we talk about some factors of ASO (app store optimization), it’s quite necessary for you to obtain the process of ASO and track its performance. We also hope our strategies will provide you more information about ASO and make your app more visible to potential users.

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