Best 10 App Store Optimization Techniques in 2017

Best 10 App Store Optimization Techniques in 2017

App store optimization techniques are now becoming increasingly important to boost app store ranking that is listedApp Store Optimization Techniques
in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  It is vital for you to learn the right placement of your performing tactics to help you create the best strategy for your website.

Here are the best ten App store optimization techniques in 2017 that are very effective to use:

1. Why the App Store Optimization is important

App store optimization refers as designing your application download page from different app stores wherein you will have the opportunity to get the higher rank in the search results.

Through this way, you can easily be found by your customers that will be engaged in your images. Then download it and provide you an assurance that they will no longer need to go to other sites. This is essential for you because it helps you gain the numerous numbers of customers you want to desire without having any effort. All you have to do is have the right keyword that is easy for your customer to find and recognize your brand.

2. Perform some qualitative and quantitative research

Performing some qualitative and quantitative research is another one of the best app store optimization techniques for gathering some information that you can use for your optimization process. You can make your app look very professional by effectively selecting the right keywords, pinpointing the language used by your target audience and using the high performing images.

3. Understand the factors when it comes to app store rankingapp store optimization techniques - affecting factor


The algorithm of your work will be the same in your search engines. But for you to optimize your rankings some factors are in need to take your attention most. One of the best ways you can do is designing your page that will surely fulfill the needs of many people as much as possible. Ensure that your keyword is in the title and description, include the name of the publisher and show its good reputation and gain the quality ratings and receive numerous numbers of comments.

To know more about factors affecting your app ranking in App Store, refer to this blog, Main Factors Affecting App Ranking in App Store.

4. Craft your page and make it complete anatomy of good store

One of the best App store optimization techniques you can apply is by simply targeting your old and new audience before you craft your page. The title of your app listing should have the main the keyword together with its brand name. Just focus on three sentences in your description and provide high-quality images and videos and publish your own logo.

5. Create your description user-friendly

The app description is important for users to learn more information about your app. And it is the only part where users can know the function and feature of your app. Thus, you have to create more attractive content to drive audiences to install your app. There are some tips when you optimize your app’s description:

  1. Focus on the first three lines of description
  2. Add 8-12 main keywords in description
  3. List out the benefits and use cases of your app
  4. Add some details of your app, like version number, bug fixes, etc
  5. Put your app link in your description

6. Choose the low competition keywordsapp store optimization techniques - optimize app keywords

There are millions of apps are contending for the downloads and the display location in app stores. If you want to increase your app’s traffic and get more app downloads through choose keywords, the low competition keywords are very suitable for you. It is no doubt the popular word must have more traffic than other words, but you will get the repay from these words difficultly. So why not choose some low competition words to achieve your goal. For example, you can use more long tail words to get traffic. Of course, use some keywords research tools to find out the keywords that have lower competition and search volume for your app is essential.

7. Drive lots of good ratings and reviews

The next thing you need to do is drive lots of ratings and reviews. This is another effective App store optimization technique you can apply is get it ready for launch. In this kind of technique, you can use the third-party publicity, your own user base of some paid reviews to get the high-quality ratings you need.

8. Beautify the screenshots which show your app best features

The app icon is the first impression of users who find an app in app stores, and the screenshots also have a huge impact on the intuitive feeling of users. Also, the screenshots can show the function and feature of your app indirectly. Therefore, you have to take screenshots into consideration when you optimize your app. Just like the description, you have to focus on the first two images with hi-res screenshots. Indeed, a plain background and overlay text are vital to making users feel friendly and comfortable.

9. Use a video to attract more usersapp store optimization techniques - optimize app video

A date shows that 55% audiences more easily be influenced by the advertisement and the video in the elevator to buy something. This shows that the dynamic information has a huge effect on the subjective consciousness of users. You can also use this method in the process of optimizing your app. Create an attractive video to introduce the features and functions of your app, and then put the video in some people-crowed places or social media to get more potential users to install your app. I believe you will get an unimaginable result via this method.

10. Choose category which shows core function of your app

After you finished the steps that I mentioned above, you have to consider to upload your app in the right category. Choose a fixed and relevant category can shrink the competitive scopes of your app. Also, it can help you find the targeted users for your app so that increase the conversion rate. While, when you do that, you have to learn about the functions and features of your app more carefully. Knowing the core function and the targeted users of your app can drive you to find appropriate category more easily.


App store optimization is a process that app developers should never stop. And the algorithm of Apple is changing from time to time, you have to pay attention to the news about Apple Store all the time and explore some new app store optimization techniques to optimize your app.

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