Use App Store Keyword Tools to Find Best Keywords

Use App Store Keyword Tools to Find Best Keywords

There is no doubt that keyword plays a decisive role in boosting app ranking and targeting potential users. However, choosing a right keyword is no way an easy thing, because there are too many factors you should consider. In fact, helpsit is quite necessary for app developers to use app store keyword tools to locate the best keywords. In this guide, we illustrate some basic information of App Store Keyword Tools and recommended 9 best tools for you.

How Do App Store Keyword Tools Work?

app store keyword tools

Generally, app store keyword tools are used to help app developers find what keywords users use most to search new apps. These keyword tools will provide you many keywords relevant to the query you raised, analyze all the results, measure keywords volume and competition, and keep track of the performance of the final keyword you fixed.

What Kind of Results do They Deliver?

Keyword tools are preferred because they often deliver good results.To guess a keyword for your app is a thankless thing, and there is no need to do so. Keyword tools can assume the grueling work for you. They help you fix the best keywords that are relevant to your app, more competitive than your rivals and entice more users.

What Are the Best App Store Keyword Tools?

To save your time and energy, we here list 9 best app store keyword tools for you so that you can spend more time in developing your app. If you have any other better suggestions for other keyword tools we have left out, let us know in the comments down below.


Sensor Tower was founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco. It tracks your app’s keyword rankings and informs you of the changes immediately. Also, it uses a tool to improve the efficiency of your keywords without costing you additional money. Besides, it tracks your app’s performance among the different keywords and makes adjustments accordingly.

App Annie

app annieApp Annie aims to provide the best solutions for the ever-growing app developers. It helps developers to monitor what keywords their competitors are using, choose the right keywords and optimize the keywords. Recently, the company has moved into the eBook market as well.

App Tweak

App Tweak provides you a Keyword Efficiency Index after by estimating keyword volume and competition. In this way, it finds strong keywords for your app and tracks their daily performance. Besides, it can optimize and localize your app keywords in 8 languages. You can try the tool for free for one month.


Tomasz Kolinko launched App Codes in 2010. It helps you fix keywords by using its impressive keyword tool to sort results by popularity. Also, it will check the visibility of your app in the App Store, then appropriately adjust your keyword.

Search Man

Search Man provides developers with “at a glance” information about their apps. It fixes data-driven keywords in less than 30seconds and tracks search visibility of how your app is performing against your competitors.

Boostyourapps aims to boost app ranking via App Store Optimization. It helpto increase your app’s keyword covering number and optimize the keywords. By doing so, your app will get higher exposure and gain more users.


Mobile DevHQ  not only helps you choose the best keywords to get your app noticed, but helps you spread your app worldwide. It will analyze the current keywords of your app to ensure that you are reaching the optimal market. If the keywords do not meet its standard, it will tell you how to improve.


appstaticsAppstatics is an ASO tool that allows app developers to track their apps in App Store rankings. It helps developers to discover the keyword, track it, and analyze it. If the keywords count against with app rankings, it will make suitable adjustments in the keywords.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool applies the App Store auto-complete to generate keywords based on the query that you specify. It prepends and appends your keyword with different letters and numbers, which will produce hundreds of keywords that are pulled from autocomplete. For every search term, it generates over 750 keyword suggestions for free.


App store keyword tools have been proved very helpful in choosing the best app keyword. Each keyword tool we recommend above has its own distinctive advantages in finding keywords and analyzing them. You can choose the one you are most satisfied with and use it to target the right keyword. If you still have no idea on how to find the best keyword for your app, you can use professional keyword optimization service from the best app optimization service provider.

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