What’s the Importance of App Reviews for Developers and Users?

What’s the Importance of App Reviews for Developers and Users?

In the latest Apple Store algorithm, Apple gives a bigger weight to social factors in app ranking rules. Moreover, a report shows that reviews are the most significant factors when users search on app store. This means that if you get more positive reviews , the ranking of your app will greatly be improved. The most popular app is the most reviewed app. That is why app reviews become more and more important. You can read this guide to know more about the importance of app reviews for developers and users.

Part 1. The Importance of Reviews for App Developers

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A successful app developer understands the importance of app reviews. App reviews are full of information of what users think of your app. Why are reviews important for app developers?

1. Get useful information about your app

You can easily know that bugs or problems your app is facing, which features need to be improved, advantages and disadvantages of your app.

2. Reply to user reviews

When replying to user reviews, you’d better know these tips about how to reply effectively. You can make a polite apology for any unpleasant user experience, and give your practical suggestions or solutions. Furthermore, notice users timely when bugs are fixed and ask them to re-review your app, which will increase more good reviews.

3. Analyze user reviews

4. Contribute to boost app ranking

Get more good reviews will boost app ranking by ranking app to top charts and higher in searches. Besides, the latest good reviews also make app have a bigger chance to rank up. Therefore, update your description once update new features.

Part 2. The Importance of Reviews for App Users

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Why are reviews important for app users? Here we list two points.

1. Reviews help users to make a choice.

When we make a decision before downloading an app, firstly we’ll look at its title, secondly look at the numbers of reviews and little stars next to the app. Reviews are shared by app users, which can help users know whether other people liked it or not and why they did so.

2. Reviews written by genuine users are highly valued.

Reviews from trustworthy users with real and active profiles have more impact than others. Beyond that, the date of reviews also affects app ranking. People prefer to see the latest reviews. The more latest good reviews your app gets, the higher it will rank.

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