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Why should you buy iOS app installs?

With over 2.2 million apps in the iOS Appstore, getting your app discovered is one of the biggest issues facing mobile app developers today. If you are in mobile app space, it’s important to understand the various methods for marketing your app. We would like to share with you one very important way to make your app popular that continues to be overlooked by most - buying iOS app installs. iOS app installs have been proved to be a handy tool when it comes to marketing and promotion your mobile application. Appstore search algorithms insist that app with a low number of iOS downloads never appears in top results, the Appstore will rank apps by how often they have been downloaded and how often they have been downloaded recently. Especially it is important for those developers who are going to post their first program in the app market. Developers can buy installs on iOS and increase your app’s popularity. Moreover, when the number of app users increase, your sales will increase certainly.


Benefits from buying iOS app installs:

     1. Increase your app ranking

     2. Increase your app’s popularity

     3. Increase your sales

How we work?

After receiving your order, we will send your app to our app users all over the world to download and hence will play the app. The app users will keep your app at least one week or even more if your app is interesting enough. That means not only your app’s installs will increase but also the playtime ( the time users spend on your app), an important factor to boost your app rank on the Appstore. After we have completed your order, we will send you a message to confirm it. If there is anything wrong, please feel free contact us and we will fix it as soon as we can.


I. 12 Ways to Get App Installs Efficiently

People who have created apps know that it’s harder than it looks to get app installs. However, at the end of the day, this process usually comes down to marketing. A developer can create the best app that’s ever been developed anywhere, and it isn’t going to matter if no one hears about it. Quality does matter when it comes to apps. However, visibility is still the most important part of the whole thing. The app store is huge, and people are never going to look hard enough to find the obscure apps. Fortunately, getting app installs is definitely possible.

Design a YouTube video

People do marketing with social media websites all the time, but marketing on YouTube can be just as effective, if not more effective. People like to watch videos. Creating a video that involves passively using an app showcases the app while generating interest. Naturally, people can also market the YouTube video online through social media.

Get apps listed in obscure stores

Too many people try to get their apps listed in the big name stores like the Google Play Store. In fact, it’s actually a better idea to get apps listed in the third-party app stores that will attract less competition. The Amazon App Store for Android, Samsung App Store, GetJar, F-Droid, AppsLib, and SlideME are all good choices. Getting a larger percentage of the attention even in environments with fewer customers will still often mean more installs.

Buy app installs

Some people are reluctant to do this. However, it is important to get some app reviews initially. Also, buying app installs is going to make that happen in a way that is going to be very difficult otherwise. People who are trying to make money off of their apps might be especially hesitant to pursue this strategy. However, they should think of buying app installs as a means to get through the difficult initial stages. It should be possible to get app installs later that will generate a profit.

Improve the app store page design

get app installs - optimize app store page designA lot of people have managed to get more app installs just through improving the look of the app, app’s logo, and the app store page design. All of these different factors can make all the difference in terms of whether or not people are going to take any sort of initial interest in the app. People really do need to be led in by something, and people are not always going to be led in by the app itself. Advertising really is everything, and the app store page design is part of any advertising strategy for apps.

Launch an app in smaller markets

Americans do not have to launch apps in the American market, which is definitely saturated. They can launch their apps in Canadian markets. There are plenty of other smaller international markets that are going to be more favorable to the comparatively obscure apps out there. The app store in question is going to have to display more languages than English, but this should be a very easy modification.

App store optimization

App store optimization(ASO) is a method of making your app more visible in app stores so that users would like to install your app among millions of other apps in app stores. If your app ranks a higher position in app stores, why would you worry about your app installs? In addition, app store optimization can improve the quality of your app by optimizing app title, icon, description, etc, which also can drive users to download your app and improve the retention rate of your app.

Piggybacking on popular apps

There are lots of different ways to integrate with apps that are much more popular, and this can be all it takes to become famous even as an obscure app developer. If the famous app is a recent one, it’s even better. If lots of people have tried integrating with the app in question, it’s better to try a different one. Integrating with popular apps allows people to use their marketing strategy, app page design, and almost everything else to their advantage.

Start a contest

If there is any way to integrate an app with a contest or to base a contest entirely on an app, developers will get app installs almost right away. A lot of people pay attention to apps that are the subject of contests of any kind, and that can be more than enough of a reason for people to make a download.

Connect with customers

get app installs - supportOn social media, on app forums, and in lots of other locations, it is more than possible for people to connect with their potential app customers. These are the people who can help developers get app installs by offering them the sort of feedback. This method will also allow them to improve their products, their advertising, or almost anything else.

Use app banners

If you give users a quick access to your app, the installs of your app will increase accordingly. Creating a small banner and displaying it in some popular platforms to show that there is an app for download. Users just click the banner easily to get on the download page, then install your app and share your app link to their friends.

Time-limited installs

If you have a paid app, you can get app installs through making your app install for free in a short time. Also, you can give a discount for users to drive them to install your app if you prefer. This method can get millions of installs in a limited time and make your app become visible among average people. But, you have to guarantee the quality of your app. Because the users will prefer to advertise your app to their friends and relatives if your app has high-value content.

Gain positive feedback

As we all know people have a preference for the thing that has more positive feedback. It is same to the app in app stores, 85% users would like to install an app have more positive reviews and high ratings. Thus, getting positive app reviews and ratings are helpful for app developers to increase app installs. You can ask your friends and relatives to leave positive reviews and ratings to your app. In addition, incentivizing users to do that is also a useful method for you.


It is possible to get app installs even in an oversaturated app market. Market expansion is possible with saturated markets, and the people who are trying to sell apps should make that work for them. It is the people who market the apps effectively who succeed. And, successful app marketing is all about knowing what to do and when.

II. Factors affecting app downloads

  • Icon – An attractive icon can drive more users to pay attention to your app and install it.
  • Description – A comprehensive description can make users understand your app completely.
  • Screenshots – Appealing screenshots can help your app stands out from other competitors.
  • Videos – Most users would like to install an app with its fantastic video.
  • High rating and positive reviews – Users prefer one app which gets a higher rating and more positive reviews.
  • App ranking – Another essential factor is the app ranking on App Store search results.
  • Keyword relevance – If you read our previous blog, you may know we have shared the importance of keywords and how to select.
  • Localization – The app performance in one region will affect its ranking in other regions.
  • Social proof – You know people enjoy social media. So these platforms also affect the app downloads.
  • Retention – Whether your app retention can be kept within a period of 30 days, it also affects the ranking.
  • Active users – The more active users you get, the more app downloads you will gain.

III. How to Increase App Downloads

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization has the greatest influence on the numbers of downloads once your App is on display in the stores, which is also the most effective way to increase app downloads. You need to know these app details also will affect the downloads numbers: a detailed description, keywords, special features, and benefits.

increase app downloads - app store optimizationAll apps are made into different categories with keywords. So Keyword Optimization is still far important than other factors. You can buy app keyword installs from real users gathering in some site. The app will generate many downloads in a short period which also will push app rank higher. Of course, a higher ranking app will attract more potential users.

CPI advertising

No matter your app is paid or free, Cost-per-install ad payment method is a good way to show ads in the ad network. As install is the final goal for an app, CPC or CPM will not be available for apps comparing with CPI.

Press Release

Press Release will obtain very positive results thanks to the “newness” factor associated with Apps. You will post your app features on the press release sites, related column, etc. Some Press Release sites require users to pay so that promote apps, which is more valuable and worthy investing.

Cross promotion

Once you published your app on app stores, you can market it with cross promotion with other apps by exchanging installs and reviews. It is free while still hard to find that publishers like you. You may try some Cross-promotion networks (CPN), Facebook group or exchange forums to help you achieve your success.

Make a video

Videos show great ability even just 30 seconds, it has the power to show users why the App is worth to try. Make up a story of your app? Show the real life? Yeah, both OK.

Offline promotion

increase app downloads - offline promotionMake connecting with your friends and families. You may ask them to help you spread your app in their relationship circle. Also, participate in meetings or conferences that are relevant to your App, and make full use of it to build partnerships. Also, you can advertise your app on some people-crowed places, like subway, elevator, bus station, etc. Putting your app post or video in these places is a good idea to increase your app exposure rate in a short time.

Content Promotion

It is something like PR, which also helps app/app link with essays. It is your own blog, we mean you can introduce any information of your app. And you can post the blog in some marketing sites like Quora to get more external links. Indeed, there are some websites where you can publish guest posts, so you are able to make use of this chance to get increasing organic traffic of your app.

App reviews and rating

Apps that have more positive reviews are more likely to be downloaded. Therefore, you can invite your friends, families, followers on social media and users to write positive reviews on your app. Also, you can buy app reviews from a reliable company which dedicated offering positive reviews and high ratings. Their professional services and rich experience can help you avoid many difficulties and save much time and efforts.

Time-limited installs

If your app is paid, this method is very suitable for you! Most users would like to get something for free. Therefore, as you can imagine that you will get numerous installs during the time-limited period. Before doing that, you have to ensure lots of users will know this news, which asks you popularize your app via social media platforms, advertisement, etc.

Increase your app keywords coverageincrease app downloads - increase keywords coverage

App keywords have a huge impact on app ranking and downloads. If your app cover more relevant keywords, which means that it is very likely that more users will find and install your app. Once your app shown in the search results, there is a great possibility your app will be installed.  Therefore, increasing the keywords coverage rate is essential for app developers to get app installs. There are some tips for you to increase keywords coverage:

  • use some keywords tools to expand your keywords
  • analyzing competitors’ keywords
  • add keywords in title and subtitle
  • put keywords in reviews
  • add right keywords in keywords period

Pay attention to your users

To increase app downloads, you have to know your app is used by whom in details. It is important to analyze users, which can help you know what your users want to get from your app and how to satisfy their needs. What’s more, it is vital for you to generating continuous downloads.

Incentivize users to make referrals

Comparing with other incentive methods, making referrals is a trusted and quality way to get app installs. You can motivate your existing users to refer your app to their friends. Also, they can advertise your app on their social media platforms to attract more potential users.


Each of these methods to increase app downloads is suitable for all kinds of apps. No matter your app is related to dating, learning, photo, earning money or games, you can use all of them to increase your app downloads.

III. 12 Tips on How to Increase iOS App Downloads​

The iOS platform has really maintained its current position despite rivals threatening to make it irrelevant with cheaper options. The iPhone is still a beloved smart phone — a device that is only associated with the classy group of individuals. For this reason, iOS apps can really prove to be profitable if introduced and marketed well. The one thing you need to remember is that attracting users to download your iOS app is a skill that can be learned. However, it’s easier said than done, which is why you should learn to increase iOS app downloads with these simple tips.

Target your goalincrease ios app downloads - target goals

We’ve seen people building apps of all kinds. But the question is: do these apps receive the desired attention? Well, the answer is no, they don’t. Thankfully, there is a way to beat this challenge. When you head to the iOS store, for instance, you can always see what people are searching for. Then you could make a list of ideas based on certain keywords around those ideas.

But this also applies to the marketing aspect of it. If you already have an iOS app, you could search the app store to see how competition is like. For example, if you own an iOS travel app that caters for residents of San Francisco, you could search for keywords like ‘’ San Francisco travel’’, ‘’travel California’’, etc.

Sometimes you end up with too many results for particular keywords and this is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that the keyword is already popular. But it’s bad because of the enormous competition, thus making it even harder to get the top spot.

But you can still increase iOS app downloads through a process called App Store Optimization or ASO. This process requires you to experiment with different keywords until you can find what works. You need to keep trying with 2 or 3 keywords to identify a niche space.

Engage the user

From the word go, your iOS app should be built with the end user in mind. And the most meaningful ways to engage potential app users is by educating them on how beneficial your app could be in solving their needs. This is where creativity also comes in. When describing your app in the iOS store, make sure you do so use clever, keyword filled lines that perfectly summarize what the app is all about. To increase iOS app downloads, you should tell them what makes your app special and how it stands out from the rest.

Your favorite keywords should exist in both the title and description of the app. But remember not to over-populate those areas with keywords. Another thing to remember is that you should avoid naming your iPhone app with names that are kind of similar to that of existing iOS apps. This mistake does harm to your marketing efforts.


When describing your iOS app, you should aim to localize your app in the most common languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and so on. Google Play already has a feature that can do so for its users. But since you’re marketing your app on the iOS app store, you’ll need to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Required permissions must be declaredincrease ios app downloads - permission

When someone is installing your app, remind them of all the permissions that your app will require during installation. You should be honest from the start since users will see them anyway. Tell them about the app’s features and any monetization models you might be having in place.

Blog about your iOS app

By now, we are assuming that you have already submitted your iOS app to the iTunes store. If you’ve done so, then the next step is to create a website or blog around that app. The aim of this website is to educate potential users of the app’s features and functions. To help them get a general feel of how the app works, you could also include screenshots and videos explaining the same.

Once you have a few posts up and running on search engines (it could take a while though), have a few of your friends reviewing the app and commenting on your site. This trick is used to encourage others to write their comments or testimonials on your site. After all, people are likely to leave their reviews on your blog when they see that it has an active community of readers.

Use social media and some popular review sites

Social media can help you reach a wide audience in a very short time. Currently, Facebook is the most preferred social media platform for users of all ages. But don’t stick to Facebook alone. You can also market your app on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and MySpace.

Now, when it comes to social media marketing, you already know that there are two ways to go about it. You could use paid social media marketing or even ask your friends to share your app with their friends. If you choose paid advertising, then you will need to select your audience and laser-target them according to their specific needs which your app is able to fulfill.

Then when you are done with this step, you should also submit your app for review in popular iPhone app review websites on the internet. These popular review sites already have readers who visit them on a daily basis to keep tabs with the latest development in iOS apps. You want to target these users as much as you can, even if it means paying the editors there to have your iPhone app talked about a few times. Obviously, the more reviews you get, the more opinions you receive concerning the app. This will automatically increase iOS app downloads from your end.

Avoid traditional means of advertising iOS appsincrease ios app downloads - advertising

Unless you can afford it, there is no reason that justifies you going the traditional way of marketing. And that is where free classifieds and link exchange programs come into play. These advertising techniques will pay out in the long run, plus revenue from these sources can be very consistent. This trick works very well when applied alongside paid social media advertising. It will increase your exposure among iPhone users globally.

Offer free downloads for a limited length of time

One way to increase iOS app downloads for your app is by launching and offering it for free or at half the price. You could also leverage on apps that promote free or discounted apps just the way daily deals websites work.

App store optimization

Before marketing your app, each developer should focus on how to do app store optimization. It is an effective method to popularize your app and increase iOS app downloads on App Store. Also, your revenue will be increased in a short time. About the details of app store optimization(ASO), you can visit this post published before.

Boost app ranking

85% users would like to install an app through searching one certain keyword on App Store, which means that the higher ranking your app gets, the more downloads you will gain. Therefore, to improve app ranking, you have to spare your efforts on app marketing, app store optimization, app quality and the users. Maybe you want to ask why should we pay attention to the users. Actually, analyzing the users can help you understand your app completely. You can learn much information you ignored before from the reviews of users. If there are many positive reviews, your app will have a higher ranking than other apps. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can buy app reviews from a responsible company.

Keep eyes on descriptionincrease ios app downloads - description

Actually, app description is the first important part where users can learn about your app clearly. An app has an attractive description more likely get numerous downloads. Indeed, the Apple only allows developers show 3-4 lines of description, you can click “read more” to learn more information about an app. So, you must create an appealing description to attract more users to click “read more” so that improving the conversion rate. You can add some main keywords in your description, especially in first three lines. What’s more, you have to introduce the function and advantages in the area to increase iOS app downloads.

Pay attention to ratings

Just like the reviews, app ratings also have a huge influence on app ranking, app downloads. Also, more app ratings can help an app build a good reputation. If you look at the apps in top charts on App Store, you could found all the apps have more 4/5-star ratings. While, now, most users would not like to leave their reviews and ratings after they use your app. To achieve this goal, developers are struggling with getting app ratings, including asking for others help, advertising in social media and forums, exchanging ratings with other developers and buying app ratings from a reliable company.


Paid methods of advertising can increase iOS app downloads within a short time. But you also need to approach it carefully to optimize your ads in such a way that no advertising dollar is going to waste. Of course, the other methods are long term, and still very effective. Therefore, having a marketing plan that collectively applies the above tips will go a long way into increasing your iOS downloads.



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