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Keyword Installs – Amazing Tool To Increase Your App’s DAU And ECPM

Running the keyword installs advertising campaign for both iOS and Android would increase your app’s rankings and bring you thousands of new loyal organic users daily. Keyword installs is a result of a user searching app market for the certain word or word combination. And after such campaign, your application would be on top of such search results.

What Is Needed To Run The Keyword Installs Marketing Campaign?

At first, your app should have the optimized Title & Description for the trending keywords. There should be a certain amount of keywords mentioned in the different parts of your app’s app market page. Then you’d need to have at least a minimum of a regular daily traffic for the app you are going to promote.

The Results Your App Would Gain

If your goal is to bring tons of organic installs to your app, then keyword campaign is the best way to do so. Our Managers would research your app’s potential trending keywords and would run the customized campaign for it. At the end, you would reach Top1-10 for the most of them. That would bring you A LOT of real organic installs daily and after all would possible bring you to the top category rankings.


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